The Great Barn, Small Barn and Visitor Center are all wheelchair accessible. As well as the ground floors of the Manor House and Granary.

The Manor House is a Grade 1 listed historic building. It has several rooms with a small step up in the door way as well as some low thresholds and uneven floors in places.

The manor house does contain a lift to take visitors up to the first floor but the doorway leading out of the lift room is only 70cm wide.

There is a small step into one room upstairs, and there are two rooms which can only be accessed via a staircase with a rope handrail.

Images of all the rooms and all the Museum displays on the first floor can be viewed on a handheld tablet available from The Parlour. The handheld tablets also enable you to listen to the main Museum displays being read aloud.

Guide dogs are admitted in all buildings.

Our staff and volunteer wardens will be happy to assist visitors where possible.