Key Stage One at Headstone Manor

We offer a number of different Key Stage One school sessions here at Headstone Manor which fit many different areas of the National Curriculum.

Key Stage One History Sessions

The Muddled-Up Toy Chest
Oh dear! The Museum’s toy chest has got into a terrible muddle!  Can your class come and help us sort out the old from the new toys? Investigate, sort, make and play in this interactive session.
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Fire and Flames – The Great Fire of London
Pupils become history detectives at the fire damaged Headstone Manor! Come and gather evidence about how fires started, why they burnt for so long and what people did to stop them. Discover the devastating events of 1666, and how a combination of decisions and circumstances led to the destruction of London.
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Elbow Grease!
With a click of a button and the whir of a machine our household jobs get done, but are your pupils ready for life without machines? Get dressed up in costume ready to try out washing, scrubbing, mangling, and ironing and discover what our homes were like in the past!
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Owl’s Amazing Adventures in Harrow!
Poor Owl is lost—Harrow has changed so much he can’t find his way home! What objects and places from Harrow’s history does he find to help him return to his barn? This unique story is perfect introduction for learning about significant historical sites in Harrow and how the area has changed through the ages.
This session is also suitable for KS2 – Year Three, and can be simplified for Reception Classes.
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Famous Harrow People – Mrs Beeton
Find out who Mrs Beeton was, why she was so famous and how her story ties in with many dramatic changes in Victorian Harrow. Real artefacts, costumes and role play, bring this fun session to life.
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Key Stage One Design Technology Sessions

Explore our fantastic range of listed buildings and examine how they were made, and the materials that were used. Which will be your favourite?
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