We offer a number of different Key Stage One school sessions here at Headstone Manor which fit both the history, design technology and art curricula.


The Muddled Up Toy Chest! Investigate, sort, make and play with our old and new toys.

Elbow Grease Get dressed up in costume ready to try out washing, scrubbing, mangling and discover what our homes were like in the past!

Famous Harrow People – Mrs Beeton Discover the most famous Victorian Harrow resident and how her story ties in with many dramatic changes in our area.

Fire and Flames The Great Fire of London. Discover the devastating events of 1666 and become history detectives at fire damaged Headstone Manor.

Owl’s Amazing Adventures in Harrow This unique story is the perfect introduction for learning about significant historical sites in Harrow and how the area has changed through the ages.

Design technology

Structures Explore our unique range of listed buildings and examine how they were made.


Glorious Gardens. Using specialist art techniques create pastel drawings of our historic site and gardens.

Arts Award Discover Trail. Your class can achieve individual Arts Awards by completing our bespoke trail.

Contact our team on education@headstonemanor.org for more information on any of these sessions or to book your trip.