We offer a number of different Key Stage Two school sessions here at Headstone Manor which fit both the history, design technology and art curricula.


Exploring the Stone Age Can your class gather evidence of the stone age people who settled here at Headstone?

Piecing together Roman Harrow Turn your class into mini archaeologists and discover Harrow’s Roman story.

Princesses, Saxons, and the birth of Harrow! Explore Harrow’s Saxon heritage and how it still affects us today.

Moats, Manors and Muck – Life in Tudor Headstone Delve into the world of the rich and poor Tudors who lived here at Headstone Manor.

Potions and Lotions: Tudor Herbs & Home Life Smell, touch, taste and discover the importance of herbs in the Tudor home.

Mrs Beeton and the Railways Learn about the railways, as well as home life, with the most famous Victorian resident of them all!

Evacuate! Wartime Harrow What was it like for children during WWII? Get ready to become one of the ‘Kodak Kids’ and pack your suitcase ready for evacuation.

Field’s to Factories – Harrow’s Local History Discover the secrets of the area around your specific school with the help of our Local History collection.

Headstone Manor Through the Ages Focus in on our sites long and fascinating history which spans over 800 years.

Design Technology

Structures. Explore our unique range of listed buildings and examine how they were made.


Glorious Gardens. Using specialist art techniques create pastel drawings of our historic site and gardens.

Arts Award Discover Trail. Your class can achieve individual Arts Awards by completing our bespoke trail.