St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church, Harrow on the Hill

Did you know that Lord Byron was a frequent visitor to St Mary’s Church from 1801 to 1805, and he sat dreaming by “his favourite tombstone” (the “Peachy Tomb”), as recorded in “Lines Written beneath an Elm in the Churchyard of Harrow” ?


St. Mary’s Church has stood on top of Harrow Hill for over 900 years.  The church was consecrated by St. Anselm in 1094 and is an example of great local architecture as well as an important historical building.  The roofs of the nave and transepts are thought to be the finest in Middlesex with some 377 carvings.

In 2007 a skeleton was discovered in the North West corner of the church. It was dated to about the year 1,000 and so suggests that there was an even earlier church on the site.


St. Mary’s is open every day from 9am to 5pm. School and Group Tours are available on request. Call the Parish Office on 020 8423 4014 for details.