Key Stage Two (KS2)

From the Stone Age to the Saxons, we have a wide range of history and art sessions ideal for KS2 students.


Exploring the Stone Age

Discover the lives of hunter gathers in the Harrow area, through ancient objects, hands on exploration and practical activities. Can your class find the evidence of stone age people who settled here at Headstone? Developed in conjunction with the Museum of London

Piecing Together Roman Harrow

From Roman pottery factories to marching soldiers on Watling Street, discover how the wild land of Harrow was ‘Romanised’. We will turn your pupils into mini archaeologists, who will ‘dig up’ REAL Roman objects, as well as decoding Latin and meeting Harrow’s first residents!

Princesses, Saxons, and the birth of Harrow!

Come gather round to hear tales of Saxon princesses, sacred places, and how Harrow and Headstone got their names! Discover the Saxon impact through this interactive fun session, which will take your class back to the birth of Harrow as an area.

Moats, Manors and Muck! Life in Tudor Harrow

Explore the world of wealthy Tudors who lived at Headstone Manor and discover the manor’s connection to Henry VIII.  How did the life of a poor farm worker compare? Replica objects, music and smells create a stimulating learning environment and every child gets to dress up in a fabulous handmade Tudor costume!

Potions and Lotions: Tudor Herbs and Home Life

Smell, touch, taste and discover the importance of herbs in the Tudor home. Pupils will learn how herbs were used in the past and will make their own herbal ‘recipe’ books and mixtures. A delight for all the senses!

Mrs Beeton and the Railways!

Did you know that Mrs Beeton was one of London’s first female commuters? Learn about the railways, as well as household management with the most famous Victorian resident of them all! Handle artefacts and costumes, examine photographs and books, and discover what life was like in Victorian Harrow.

Evacuate! Wartime Harrow

What was it like for children during WWII? Artefacts, photos, witness statements and role-play help reconstruct the realities of wartime Harrow for children. Get ready to become one of the ‘Kodak Kids’ and pack your suitcase ready for evacuation!

Fields to Factories – Harrow’s Local History

Discover how and why your area changed so dramatically during the late Nineteenth / early Twentieth Centuries! Using Local History Library resources your students will explore the area around your individual school. The session also looks at one of Harrow’s most famous factories – the Whitefriars Glassworks, celebrating the time when Harrow industry led the world!

Headstone Manor through the Ages

Want to find out the changes that have happened at Headstone over its eight-hundred-year history? This session will introduce your pupils to the Manor’s fascinating stories.

This session can be run as part of the unit of work on the Manor or as a stand alone session.


Glorious Gardens

Explore different art and design techniques including colour, texture, shapes and space. Use pastels to draw the historic plants, flowers and buildings at Headstone.

Art’s Award

Our Art’s Award Discover Trail will enable your class to achieve their very own Arts Award by looking closely at our Museum and collections.

FREE Learning Pack

Headstone Manor; 1200 Years of History in Harrow.

Headstone Manor is the perfect site to extend your pupils historical knowledge beyond 1066. We offer this learning pack to support focused work using our scheduled ancient monument. The major changes in Harrow’s history can be explored through this unit of work, and there are links to national history.

Email us at for your copy of the learning pack.