Our Collections

Our Collections at the Museum reflect the people and places of Harrow. Explore our objects from prehistory to the present day and discover Harrow’s stories

Headstone Manor & Museum is home to two closely related collections. The Museum Collection contains over 15,000 objects, including items from Hamilton’s Brushworks, Whitefriars Glass, and the famous Kodak Factory. The majority of the collection represents the social history of the borough, but it also contains archaeological artefacts, fine art, and natural history items. The Museum Collection is owned by the Harrow Museums Trust (see information at Charity Commission and Companies House).

The Harrow Local History Collection & Archive, owned by Harrow Council, holds archival and reference material related to the history and residents of Harrow. You can find out more about the Local History Collection here.

Inside the Museum, visitors can see a selection of both collections on permanent display, telling the tale of Harrow’s many faces, phases, and places. The remaining collection is curated and cared for on site and is available for researchers by appointment. Find out more about making a Collections appointment here.

Our Mission Statement

The aim and purpose of Headstone Manor & Museum, is to represent the history of the area currently defined as London Borough of Harrow, by encouraging and inspiring people to discover the history and heritage of the local area, through its Collection, activities and partnerships. The Museum seeks to reflect and engage with the diverse communities in Harrow, and promote a sense of civic pride through enjoyment, lifelong learning and wellbeing for all Harrow people.

Collections Catalogue

We are currently in the process of cataloguing our collections. If you would like to help with this process as a volunteer or have a query please email us at collections@headstonemanor.org.

You can access the collections catalogue via our Search our Collections page.

Donations and Legacies

If you are considering donating material to the Museum or Local History Collection & Archive, please note that for legal purposes, all material must be signed over to the Collection by the owner/possessor. As such we cannot accept anonymous donations.

As you may imagine, we cannot accept all items offered to us. Every potential acquisition needs to fit into our published collections and acquisitions policy and checked in order to establish that the acquisition is both legal and ethical. All acquisitions to the Museum are deposited with Harrow Museums Trust (HMT), the Collection Owning Body. Potential acquisitions are recommended to HMT on a monthly basis by the Curator and/or a representative of the Collection Operating Body, Harrow Council. All material offered to the Local History Collection & Archive is deposited under Harrow Council, the Collection Owning Body. These acquisitions are also reviewed by the Curator.

Detailed information about the object, an account of how the object was acquired and a photograph are usually sufficient for us to make its decision. If you have any photographs of the object, please send them along with your form. Please use additional paper if required.

Please download the form here and then email the form back to us at collections@headstonemanor.org or send it to the below address:

FAO Curator
Headstone Manor & Museum
Pinner View


The Collections Team can be reached at collections@headstonemanor.org, by calling 020 8863 6720 or by visiting Headstone Manor & Museum, Pinner View, Harrow HA2 6PX (Tuesday-Friday).