About Learning Sessions

How to book

We are currently taking new Schools bookings for Spring and Summer 2024.

Please enquire about availability by completing the online enquiry formOnce we have confirmed your date and sent you a booking confirmation form, we will invoice you directly through Harrow Council. Please double check your dates because you may not be able to change them once the booking has been confirmed and you will still be charged.

Booking dates

We will always do our best to help move you to another date, if we have availability. Full cancellations must be in writing eight weeks before your trip date, or the total amount will remain payable. Any changes once an invoice has been raised will be charged at £15 per amendment to cover our admin costs.


Sessions are £134

Spending the day at The Museum

Schools are most welcome to stay for the whole day; there is no charge for a self led look around the museum. We will send you printable copies of our trails which will help your pupils get the most from their visit. Trails can also be purchased from us at a small charge.

Invoicing and Payment

Harrow Council will invoice your school directly. This may take several weeks to process our end. Once you receive the invoice you have 30 days to pay. The information you give us on your enquiry form is used to raise an invoice once the visit is confirmed.

How many classes can come at once?

Normally we have a maximum of two classes per day. One class has a taught session and the other class uses our self guided materials to explore the museum. Some sessions can be booked for 3 classes at once. You will need to split one class to make 2 groups of 45 children. You will still be charged for 3 classes. Contact us to find out more.


The sessions are normally held upstairs in the Granary building; please let us know in advance if any of your group have any access issues. We can move sessions downstairs if any child is unable to go to the first floor, but we need advance notice of this.

Arrival at the museum

  • Instruct the driver to park at the height barrier / drop bollard on approach to the site via Pinner View. The children can safely get out onto the pavement at this point. Once the class has gone for their session, one of the museum site staff will open the height barrier / drop the bollard to allow the coach to turn using the space by the moat. If the bollard is down the coach may go directly to the turning space by the moat and drop off there.
  • Museum site staff will be available in the Visitor Centre (the building opposite the moat; contains the cafe) or in the Office 020 8863 6720 to help with barriers.
  • Education staff will be generally there to meet you, but if not approach the site through the front gates and proceed to the Granary Learning Centre (the square building on the left)
  • Late arrivals. Sessions start at 10 and 1. If you are late we will do our best to accommodate you but your session may have to be shortened.


  • We leave an hour and a half for lunch just in case there’s delay in starting, we are happy to shorten this, just let us know. We can do this on the day.
  • Our Museum has limited rubbish disposal – please re pack lunch rubbish in the children’s lunch boxes for disposal at home.
  • Use of the lunch spaces is free for booked in school groups, but they are the same spaces we use to teach. Users must leave the areas as they find them. Dustpans and brushes will be provided. Failure to clean up may result in a cleaning charge for future visits.
  • Picnics. We advise that you picnic with your class next to the Granary building. The Island does not have railings surrounding the moat. Vehicles make occasionally enter the site to access the rear of the barn, using the back gate. We advise you to encourage the children to stay on the grassy area at the back and side of the Granary.
  • There is a large, new council play park just behind the museum, please included it in your risk assessment if you want to use it.


  • A single coach may park in the turning area by the moat. Cars and minibuses are welcome to use our large free car park. Minibuses will need the height barrier opening.

Toilet facilities

  • Museum public toilets are to be found in a block by the Visitor Centre
  • Single unisex accessible toilets are located in the Granary, Visitor Centre and Manor House.

Health & Safety

  • Our team will inform you of the fire assembly point and, in the event of an emergency, guide your group when evacuating the building.
  • We will provide you with a copy of our risk assessment when your booking is confirmed. You are welcome to come to the museum at any time (during our opening hours) to complete your own risk assessment, you will be able to access all the spaces we will be using. Please bear in mind that the grounds are a natural environment and certain sections of the moat are unfenced.
  • The taught sessions are held in The Granary building.
  • The self-guided trail uses the Small Barn, the outside of the Great Barn (there is no access to this building), and the Manor House.
  • Some sessions involve work outside or in colder buildings. In cold weather please make sure all children (and adults!) wrap up warmly and have robust footwear.
  • Children remain under the responsibility of the group leader at all times.
  • The Museum is owned and maintained by Harrow Council, and are covered by the Council’s public liability insurance.

Further Enquiries

Please email us on education@headstonemanor.org, we are always happy to help!