The museum may be closed but there’s still plenty to learn about the history of Harrow from the safety of your own home!

Follow along with our online activities by downloading resources below!

· Bill the Duck’s Time Travelling Tour
· Headstone History Detectives
· Mini Magical Museum
· Mindful For Museums
· Tuesday Talk Podcast

Our weekly newsletter combines all of the activities for you to read!

Bill the Duck’s Time Travelling Tour

Join our mascot Bill the Duck as he takes you on a tour of Headstone Manor & Museum while our doors are closed.  Select each room below to find out more.


The Moat
Margery & The Manor House
The Small & Great Barn
The Granary
The Parlour
A Surprise...
Special Exhibition Room
Modern Harrow
The Bakehouse
The Corridors
Whitefriars Room
Metroland Room

Mini Magical Museum

Select below for an online version of our Mini Museum sessions for under 5s.


20th April - Brushes
13th April - Gnome Takeover 2
6th April - Gnomes Takeover
30th March - Headstone Manor House

Artist led Family Crafts - Watery Wall Hanging

This week usually heralds the start of London Rivers Week, a celebration of London’s waterways – brooks, streams, rivers and the ponds, lakes & Moats which they feed. 

Help us celebrate this by making your own Watery Wall Hanging.

Watery Wall Hanging Instructions

Mindful For Museums

Are you feeling a bit stressed out and worried? We’ve put together a series of 5 minute diary pages that you can fill in each day to help yourself now and to help the historians of the future! Our #MindfulForMuseums activities are for adults and children alike. Keep them for yourself or share them with us and become a part of history. Check out the blog post on the Heritage Open Days website to learn more or download the activities below!


Introduction to Mindful For Museums
Mindful For Museums Sheet
Our Mindful Museum Sheet
Mindful for Museums For Kids!
Mindful Colouring Sheet
Mindful For Museums - Focus on You

Tuesday Talk Podcast 

Our Tuesday Talks are entertaining and informative talks by professional speakers, normally once a month in the Granary Learning Centre. While we are closed, we will be presenting our programme of talks as podcast, free to listen below:



Weekly Newsletters 

Every week we will release a new newsletter which includes all of our adventures, activities and resources as posted on our social media acounts from across the week.


Week 9 - #InternationalMuseumDay
Week 8 - #MuseumWeek
Week 7 - VE Day 75
Week 6 - #MusuemFromHome
Week 5 - Tuesday Talks Go Digital
Week 4 - Covid in Harrow Collection
Week 3 - #Archive30
Week 2 - The Gnomes Return
Week 1 - Bill's Museum Tour