Headstone Manor offers a host engaging sessions for Secondary and Special Education Needs


Special Educational Needs Schools

Feasting and Farming - Special Tudor Headstone

Come and take a look at life on Old Mr Reding’s Tudor farm and prepare a feast for a very important visitor in our ancient Great Hall! This session is very hands on; with toys, objects, and costumes, as well as singing and dancing.

This session last 60 minutes and is subsidised by the National Lottery Heritage Fund till the end of 2020, please contact us for prices.

Session Details

Secondary Schools

Headstone Manor and Museum has created a set of free resources which will enrich your classroom teaching of local history. These are a set of Harrow specific notes, and accompanying PowerPoints.

Resources Subjects

  • Powerful Medieval Women – looking at the intriguing Saxon Princess, Cwenthryth, who owned the lands of Harrow.
  • What was life like for Medieval peasants in Harrow?
  • Civil War - Why did a king lose his head? Who was Francis Rewse and what part did he play in war. How did this effect Headstone Manor?
  • Who built Britain - The people behind the industrial revolution in Harrow, focusing on the building of the London to Birmingham Railway 1838.
  • Struggle / people’s lives in the 20th century:
  • WW1, who were the people who fought, and what were their stories?
  • How did WWI impact on women’s rights? Suffragettes in Harrow.
  • The effects of WWII on Harrow

Homework Tasks

Why not set a “visit the museum” homework for your KS3 pupils? We have a fun and interactive trail, “The Curious Collection Cards” which will help your students explore the quirkier side to local history here at Headstone Manor.


To book the SEN school session or to access any of the KS3 resources, please contact via email or call today.