Work experience at Headstone Manor – June 2024


Hi, I’m Jamie, a student at Nower Hill 6th form. I am studying Classical Civilisations, Geography and Psychology. Which is why I took up the opportunity to complete work experience at a museum. I really enjoyed the fourth day as we got to talk to the public about objects that we had picked and researched. My object was an original US Army First aid kit from WW2 and I found it interesting trying to explore how it linked to Harrow. We learnt about a range of departments that are at Headstone Manor Museum, these included: event planning, marketing, archiving and curating. It has been a good experience for me to help with the daily activities within a museum, for example with helping out with a tour of the museum.








Hi, I’m Iona, a student at Nower Hill 6th form currently studying Classics, Latin and Maths. My interests in historical subjects led me to this opportunity at the museum. I especially enjoyed looking at the books in the archives as there was such an amazing range. For my object handling, I chose to research a kodak six-20 ‘brownie’ junior camera, through which I was able to learn a lot about the impact of the kodak factory on Harrow. We also learnt about all the different components involved in running the museum. This experience has helped me with my skills talking to lots of different people as presenting my object meant I improved my confidence in dealing with people. Overall, this has been a really enjoyable and informative experience!


Hello, I’m Poppy and am currently studying History at The Grange Academy and am planning on studying classical civilisation at University. Which is why I decided to seek work experience at Headstone Manor Museum. The week as a whole has been amazing, due to the lovely staff and the various different tasks completed throughout the museum to keep it thriving. Seeing the museum archives was to me the most interesting part as I got to experience multiple different centuries in only a few rooms. On the second last day of my work experience I participated in an object handling and discussion where I presented a discus from ancient Greece, and then discussed the discus through the ages. The change in materials, weight, size and appearance. Talking to others while comparing and discussing thoughts around the Olympics and my chosen object, the discus, increased my confidence and enthusiasm to work around a historical setting.

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